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See How We Get You Fully-Staffed


Schedule an Assessment + Analysis with an ELITE team member.


We implement our proven technology standard to optimize your job postings.


We join your in-house hiring team and work hand in hand to schedule interviews, follow up with applicants, etc.


We help you implement staff engagement activities and programs to entice new and current team members.


We have weekly meetings, and perform daily optimizations to keep postings top of the algorithm.


You sit back and enjoy your new fully-staffed healthcare facility!

Why ELITE Standard Recruitment

Choosing ELITE Standard Recruitment for your nursing home staffing needs is a smart move that can save you thousands of dollars monthly. As a top-notch healthcare recruiter, we are laser-focused on locating the perfect staff for your facility, without having to rely on pricey nurse staffing agencies. Say goodbye to those hefty monthly fees and hello to significant savings.
Plus, with ELITE’s expertise as a healthcare recruiter, we’ll help you not only recruit top talent but also retain them, improving company culture and fostering a sense of belonging among your staff. With a dedicated team in place, your nursing home or healthcare facility can thrive- while saving on costs and building a positive workplace environment.

Ditch the Outrageous Nurse Staffing Agency Fees

Nurse Staff Agency
ELITE Standard Recruitment
Personalized Staffing Assessment
Local sourcing resources
Competitive wage analysis
Personalized and dedicated support along the way
Innovative solutions to attract new employees
Work alongside current staff to empower them for success in future hiring roles
Guidance on hiring and obtaining your own dedicated staff team
Assistance in creating a strong company culture to retain new and veteran staff teams
Ongoing retention support to foster a happy and healthy company culture

See how ELITE makes an impact

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Financial Impact for our Customers

From $690,000 to $0.

When we started working with a New Hampshire-based nursing home facility with 120 beds, they were paying $690,000 in agency fees – per month!
Within 6 months they were fully-staffed and paying $0 in agency fees.

Do You Struggle With Any of the Following Areas? 
We Can Help!

High Agency Expenses

If your monthly agency bills are at least $25,000 (or even as high as $450,000) rest assured that we have successfully helped numerous healthcare facilities eliminate these significant costs. Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to effectively replace agency expenses with more sustainable staffing solutions. Let us show you how we can achieve similar results for your facility, saving you substantial sums while ensuring consistent staffing and quality care.

New Acquisitions 

As a new owner or a seasoned operator expanding their portfolio, establishing a synchronized and strategic recruitment and retention process from the outset is invaluable. This approach ensures a seamless transition, maximizes operational efficiency, and fosters a stable and skilled workforce from day one.

Employee Retention

Our commitment extends beyond the hiring process. We understand the importance of cultivating a supportive and positive work environment. That's why our team specializes in developing comprehensive retention and recognition programs customized to meet your specific needs. These initiatives are designed to enhance employee satisfaction and significantly reduce turnover rates. By implementing these programs, we strive to elevate your facility's standing as an employer of choice within your market, fostering long-term success and prosperity.

Census Growth

When facilities face challenges in admitting new residents due to staffing shortages, Elite steps in to fast-track the hiring process, allowing you to rapidly boost bed occupancy.

Hear From Happy Clients

Find out how ELITE Standard Recruitment is helping nursing homes save money monthly by reducing their nursing agency fees! Our clients rave about the money they’ve saved by teaming up with us for their staffing needs. From slashing turnover expenses to simplifying hiring, our tailored services pack a punch in the savings department. Ready to boost your bottom line? See how we helped others who are just like you.
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