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Helping healthcare facilities become fully staffed and agency-free

Helping healthcare facilities become fully staffed and agency-free

What Makes Us ELITE

By minimizing reliance on external nurse staffing agencies and prioritizing employee retention, we ensure a stable, skilled workforce for sustained success. With our tailored approach, we empower your facility to thrive, fostering a dedicated in-house nursing team and maximizing operational efficiency.


96% of our clients see agency spend reduction in the first month

48% reduction in agency spend
at 6 months

30% drop in employee turnover


Where We Help

High Agency Expenses

If your monthly agency bills are at least $25,000 (or even as high as $450,000) rest assured that we have successfully helped numerous healthcare facilities eliminate these significant costs. Our proven track record demonstrates our ability to effectively replace agency expenses with more sustainable staffing solutions. Let us show you how we can achieve similar results for your facility, saving you substantial sums while ensuring consistent staffing and quality care.

New Acquisitions 

As a new owner or a seasoned operator expanding their portfolio, establishing a synchronized and strategic recruitment and retention process from the outset is invaluable. This approach ensures a seamless transition, maximizes operational efficiency, and fosters a stable and skilled workforce from day one.

Employee Retention

Our commitment extends beyond the hiring process. We understand the importance of cultivating a supportive and positive work environment. That's why our team specializes in developing comprehensive retention and recognition programs customized to meet your specific needs. These initiatives are designed to enhance employee satisfaction and significantly reduce turnover rates. By implementing these programs, we strive to elevate your facility's standing as an employer of choice within your market, fostering long-term success and prosperity.

Census Growth

When facilities face challenges in admitting new residents due to staffing shortages, Elite steps in to fast-track the hiring process, allowing you to rapidly boost bed occupancy.

Top 5 Reasons Why Clients Love Us:

Case study

From $690,000 to $0.

When we started working with a New Hampshire-based nursing home group with over 350 total beds, they were paying $690,000 in agency fees – per month!

Within 6 months they were fully-staffed and paying $0 in agency fees.

PROVEN Process

How We Deliver Great Results

Outcome + Impact

3 ELITE Areas of Excellence

ELITE has extensive industry expertise, a personalized approach, and a commitment to matching top-tier candidates with healthcare organization’s unique needs and cultures.

We help you implement personalized strategies that foster a supportive work environment, prioritize professional development, and recognize the invaluable contributions of nursing staff, ensuring long-term commitment and satisfaction.

ELITE assists you in nurturing a robust staff culture through personalized retention solutions, creating a supportive environment that boosts employee morale, job satisfaction, and ultimately, the quality of care provided to residents.

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