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Our journey began in 2020 with a vision to revolutionize staffing solutions in long-term healthcare facilities.

Recognizing a pressing need for distinctive, tailor-made approaches to address recruitment, hiring, and staff retention challenges, our founders embarked on a mission to transform the landscape.

Our leadership team, comprised of individuals with a rich background in nursing home management and business, brings a wealth of experience to the table. Having navigated the complexities of healthcare administration, they intimately understand the unique challenges faced by long-term care facilities. Beyond traditional approaches, ELITE Standard Recruitment was born out of the desire to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions that empower facilities to build and maintain their teams, all while minimizing reliance on costly agency services.

What sets us apart is not just our commitment to addressing the immediate staffing needs but our foresight into the future of recruitment. Armed with knowledge of cutting-edge online recruitment strategies, we stand at the intersection of traditional expertise and contemporary methods. 

Understanding the Issues

Recognizing the impact of a lack of structure

Identifying recruitment and retention challenges

Acknowledging the need for effective solutions

healthcare staff recruiting

Our Approach

Identifying recruitment and retention challenges

Customizing plans based on individual challenges

Executing the plans and continuous oversite

Weekly reporting and check-ins

The ELITE Outcomes: 

Group 83
Fully staffed facilities​

Hiring your own in-house nursing staff instead of relying on an agency is essential for ensuring continuity of care, fostering a consistent caregiver-resident relationship, and maintaining quality standards tailored to the facility's unique needs. Directly employing nurses allows for better oversight, training, and alignment with organizational values, promoting a culture of accountability and commitment to resident well-being.

Group 2054
Professional efficiency

Directly employing nurses enables consistent training, ongoing skill development, and a deeper understanding of individual resident preferences, ultimately enhancing the quality of care delivered. This approach fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among staff, driving higher morale and greater job satisfaction, which in turn translates to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Group 2056
Maximizing resident care and occupancy

Having a reliable and happy nursing team leads to enhanced trust and satisfaction among residents and their families, ultimately boosting occupancy rates through positive word-of-mouth referrals and reputation building. Additionally, having a dedicated team familiar with the facility's operations enables quicker response times to resident needs, minimizing disruptions and optimizing overall care delivery, thus contributing to a thriving and fulfilling living environment for residents and ensuring maximum occupancy levels.

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Ensuring financial success for your facility

Employing your own nursing staff in nursing homes rather than relying solely on staffing agencies can ensure financial success by reducing long-term operational costs. Directly employing nurses enables better control over staffing levels, scheduling, and salaries, allowing for more efficient resource allocation and budget management.

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Our Leadership

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